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30 November 2012


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Kevin Shea

I am mildly wistful that I do not have any friends named Bun. And Bun makes me think of Vietnamese street food, like a good bowl of bún thịt nướng. Which reminds me that I don't have any bún, either. This makes me a little sad, and hungry. Hmm. Perhaps I shall repair to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, order some bún thịt nướng and inquire if anyone is named Bun. Oh, and contemplate my good fortune (perhaps) that I am not plagued by dingbat doppelgangers.

Missives from the Birdcage

Excellent! I'm a fan of bun cha gio chay, myself.

Mitch Eaton

that's pretty awesome to have that many friends. Even facebook friends...


Ha ha ha.

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