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27 December 2010


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'le narcisse noir' is just being reissued this week : only one theatre in Paris, but 'copie neuve'
I think I saw it bout ten years ago or so
I don't know if I'll manage to get some interest from Mr.Cinema (my son), instead of 'MegaMind' or any other 3D Xmas blockbuster issue... but I'll try


Having taken a close look at the names on that poster for "Mystery Train", I must needs add that to the list of movies I must see!

I must have been living under a rock or something, so many cool things I have missed...

Missives from the Birdcage

@JJBT-- good to see you here! I thought the plot on Le Narcissus Noir was kind of silly, but the cinematography was pretty impressive-- certainly enough to make it worth seeing it on the big screen. Et bon anniversaire! J'espère que vous avez eu un jour heureux, et quelque chose aussi délicieuse que le "pie" de chocolat!

@ Kevin-- oh, I'd say Mystery Train is a must see. I'm a fan of Jarmusch in general, but I haven't loved everything he's done (the coffee and cigarettes shorts have been veeeery hit or miss, I'd say), but MT is one of his best. My second favorite, just behind Down by Law, and stands up over time.

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