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21 June 2010


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I have only once gotten an email, like the one you describe.  It was a work related email, something about a project meeting etc.  I did send the person back a note telling them that I wouldn't be attending the meeting etc.  I got a swift reply apologizing from the person who sent it out.  

But never anything to the extent you describe.  amazing.

Jenn F.

:) Yeah, it's pretty freaky. I mean, I have a pretty common name-- my first name in particular, though my last name is one of the twenty most common Irish surnames found outside of Ireland (it is what my tribe did well: depart). If I drop my name into Facebook I get many pages of options. I did this once in an attempt to find the person whose mail I was getting to let her know that she's forgetting to add her middle initial or whatever. But LA is big, and our name + LA still equals a whole lotta options. It was when I started getting weird emails from abroad that I started to wonder. At first I thought she was traveling. Then I thought-- has she moved *again*? Then I got an email from a grant making institution in another country asking if I would like to resubmit my grant application this year for something in the health field, and LA Jenn was definitely not in the health field. WEIRD. I'm wondering how many I can rack up? And how many things are they all going to sign me up for? I know what music is going on in coffee houses in multiple cities, yoga retreats happening in the Adirondacks, and what specials are on this week at Express. Among other things. Don't these ladies ever wonder why sooooo many of thier emails go missing?


Well, they may be getting things for you as well....like yoga in your city?

Jenn F.

hehehe. I can only hope!

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