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03 April 2010


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I think they may have all been forced to finish these well written selections for school, which tends to piss kids off.  But yes, It is frustrating, especially when one can see the lack of grasp of the English language. the other day I noted a guy who had become a fitness teacher stating he took an on line coarse.  he then noted he wanted to "write for  a living"   It took a lot to not point that one out to him!

Jenn F.

oh my. oh my oh my. Perhaps he'll find happiness in fitness?

I think you're right about many of them (certainly the Charlotte's Web hater)... but some sounded post-school? Maybe college? I think I'm just surprised at both the reflexive negativity and the lack of embarrassment in putting their unthinking, unedited, and un-spell-checked opinions out there? I guess I feel like if I were going to tear down Anne Frank (which, uhm, yeah, that seems like a kind of shameful thing to do-- I mean, it isn't like she wrote her diary for publication), I'd want to have a well-reasoned explanation for why. Which is also why I think reading them reminded me of the kid in the course I TAed with his own opinion on Manet's Olympia. It would have been difficult to have gotten it more wrong, and we had spent half of an entire class discussing the symbolism of it, but he was completely unabashed in his expectation that his opinion/interpretation of the piece was deserving of a high mark. At the time I was just sort of gobsmacked, but I've subsequently begun to think that that incident, as well as these kinds of "reviews" are indicative of a larger societal anti-intellectual mindset. As a society we used to think that intellectuals were worth listening to. Now we're a society that thinks intellectuals are to be disdained-- the only person worth listening to is ourselves (I'm certainly guilty of the second charge myself. Though as a card-carrying egghead I tend not to dismiss intellectuals out of hand).


The one about the Bible... It reminds me of myself in school. I had a Sci-Fi Lit course and the teacher was very religious. So, being the <ahem> student that I was, when faced with writing a book report on a famous Sci-Fi book, I told her my choice was the Bible. Wow. Some people really get lit up over stuff like that. She was evidently one of them. LOL.

I'd start a sentence out, "Well, what if I can prove..." and there'd be this unequivocal "NO!" in response... =D

Jenn F.

[this is good] Hehehehe... that's pretty funny :)


[this is good] Oh dear. I had a look through that article, and it really was quite depressing. I'm all for having your own opinion but I do believe that in some cases, some people's opinions are worth more. This would be one of those cases.

biking chad

@Kzinti: Thats awesome.. I wish I'd have thought of that!


This post gave me a sad. :o(

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