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15 February 2010


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Hahaha! Yeah, I think that was the moment I realized a lot of people who preen over their enjoyment of the classics are either pompous dullards or liars. Oh sure, there are plenty of brilliant gems in English literature and then there are things like Frankenstein. Makes me feel like an agent sending a rejection letter. The premise is fascinating, but the character development is unconvincing.

Cool sewing projects. Much better than cleaning house.

Jenn F.

"The premise is fascinating, but the character development is unconvincing." Hehehehe, that's awesome. And painfully accurate.

The worst part is that I do like a lot of classic literature-- Dickens is often hilarious (when he's not being an anti-Semite), Austen is sharp and dryly witty, etc. etc. Though I did recently get the smackdown in my reading group for this-- they do a series over the Xmas/New Year's break and I suggested Jane Eyre + Wide Sargasso Sea + The Eyre Affair. Only one person besides me read all three, and everyone who bothered with Jane Eyre hated it. Except me. Which I think means that Frankenstein Or The Modern Prometheus (and that title was a blazing, flashy, red light of overwrought self-important doom, right there) is teh suck.

Admittedly, though, the 19th century appears to have been a time of boundless melodrama and unbelievable dialogue and lack of character development and pointless verbosity. And flawlessly pure protagonists buffetted by the vicissitudes of life oh woe is me. Or is it I? Regardless, I spent pretty much all of Frankenstein thinking a) Wait a second, you made this thing and then let it wander off? What the hell is wrong with you? b) Uh, it killed your toddler aged brother and then pinned the crime on your family's dear friend. How about you kill it now? c) It seriously didn't occur to you that he meant to kill your wife on your wedding night? Sweet cheezits you're a moron. d) It only occurs to you to kill it when it has offed your brother, your best friend, your wife, a beloved family friend, and your father. Not the brightest light in the house, this one. e) Wait a second, who's taking care of your other little brother now that everyone is dead? f) ohmygodisthisevergoingtoend?

In short, I give it half a star for having spawned in an wonderfully contradictory way, the Bride of Frankenstein. 

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