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01 January 2011


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Kevin Shea

Way back in my younger days in Portsmouth, VA, I had a Kentucky long rifle (from a kit) that used black powder. On one or two New Year celebrations I brought it out (with parental permission and supervision) and fired off a few rounds, lots of BOOM! and pyrotechnics, sort of like a giant, hand-held firecracker...but without bullets, powder only. Because firing off bullets at random in an urban setting is just plain stupid.

The laws of gravity aren't suspended because its a celebration. Those rounds have to come down somewhere. Hey, maybe this is a good time to consider roofing shingles made out of Kevlar!

Missives from the Birdcage

"Because firing off bullets at random in an urban setting is just plain stupid.The laws of gravity aren't suspended because its a celebration."

WORD. Interestingly enough, Mr. P and I have had the gravity discussion two years in a row, this year included. While I'm feeling pretty safe from the side, I spent a bunch of time last night wondering exactly how fast those things fall from the sky and whether or not one might penetrate through the roof and attic and embed itself somewhere I'd rather it not embed, like a mini-meteor. This morning Mr. P told me the story of how, when the place he was living in Baghdad got too full they started "housing" troops in tents and tragic lessons about bullets being affected by gravity ensued.

Account Deleted

I have a cousin who also has a habit of shooting traffic signs during the New Year. He told me that the last celebration was the toughest because of one road sign that he encountered. All his bullets got wasted on one sign that just didn't fall apart. When he inspected it, he discovered that the sign was attached to the pole with stainless steel strapping. Apparently, one of the sturdiest materials manufacturers use for road signs is steel strapping. That's why my cousin had a hard time that day.

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