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14 August 2010


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[this is good] Well those images are not only "painterly" but exquisitely beautiful. Thanks for sharing them! -- JG

Jenn F.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Jenn F.

Also, I'm so intrigued by your profile picture-- Khmer, looks like a Lokesvara from the period of Jayavarman VII? Work that is very near and dear to my heart.


Jenn -- I wish I were as knowledgeable as you seem to be on the subject of Buddhist art! I think you're probably right about the identity. Unfortunately that photo is probably among the last --film-- images I made and, therefore, harder for me to locate. I think I photographed the descriptive plaque on the wall beside the sculpture but don't know where the original prints are. It was head only (though I'm not sure if it was created as a bust) at the Cleveland Museum of Art. While they have an online searchable catalog, it is uncertain whether that particular piece is found there. There's a description online (below) but no image! Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy. Maybe a good day to visit the museum.

Lokesvara Khasarpana form of Avalokitesvara. India, Nalanda, Pala Period (c.750-c.1200)


They are gorgeous images.  Not sure what to say about the dreams.  When I am injured, I am always dreaming about running in a fragrant pine forest.  The reality of that though is usually slippery pine needles and mud.... so I usually do the road....  

Gorgeous images!

Jenn F.

My PhD is in art history and my dissertation was on Cambodian art, so I probably have an unfair advantage. ;) Cleveland is a good bet-- they have the largest SEAsian collection in the country, though they don't have all of it up on their website at the moment. It's hard to tell from the thumbnail, but it doesn't look Indian to me-- maybe a bit closer to this piece. King Jayavarman VII was Mahayana Buddhist (most of his predecessors were Hindu), and there were many many sculptures of Lokesvara made during his reign. It's thought that he had the Lokesvara images based on his own, so that they are both portraits of the king and of the bodhisattva. It is also the image on the top of the Bayon temple at Angkor. 

Jenn F.

Thanks! I like the idea of running through a pine forest... maybe that image will enter my dreams!

Jenn F.

Oh, and we stopped in at Cleveland on our xcountry trip and b/c of the renovations the Asian collection isn't on view. :( But it's still a great day to visit!


We haven't visited the CMA in a while so I'm not sure just which exhibits and objects are open. Earlier tonight I did find my printed photographs that include the bust I use as my avatar. It figures... while I photographed the plaques associated with every other statue I shot, I did NOT snap an image of the one we're discussing! Dang! -- JG


You never cease to amaze. I love just walking around and peeking in at old barns.

Jenn F.

Just love those abandoned buildings.... you never know what you'll find!

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