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16 January 2008


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Erin Antognoli

[this is good] sorry i didn't get to talk to you at the opening.

Erin Antognoli

hmmm... it  ate the rest of my comment. the whole thing was:

sorry i didn't get to talk to you at the opening.  it *was* packed, and
by the time sean h. pointed out where you were (like 10 feet from me,
but the crowd made it seem like 100), i saw an opening to congratulate
phil, and then squeezed my way out.

on your wedding!  i didn't realize you two tied the knot.  and i hope
the housing situation gets taken care of.  i can sympathize.  i'm just
glad we got in 5 years ago, cause there'd be no way now.  sucks...

Jenn F.

thanks for the congrats-- and thanks for coming to the show! I'm sorry I missed you there, though P said he'd seen you & was really happy you could make it. :)

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